Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is Easter.......What a beautiful morning !

I went out this morning early to hide the treasure on the grounds for the kids to go out and "hunt". The sun was shining and the birds were singing , and the bulbs are all peaking out of the dirt. I adore summer. I know it is just around the corner...........

This is a picture of the Gazebo that rests my beloved "Duma".
Everyone who knows me, knows how much I loved that 250LB Mountain Lion that passed away last summer from old age. He was 18 Years old, and as sweet as they come. Puma's are the only big cat that actually Purrrs , and when Duma purred he sounded like a toyota. I could hear him 15 feet away. His mate is still with me, she is lonely to this day, but has found a new friend in my adopted Bull Mastiff. I have a federal license to raise and rehabilitate large and exotic wildlife. I just dont want to give the impression that I have NO business raising this kind of critter. It is a very big part of my life.

It looked like noahs ark on easter.......My kids were hunting for eggs, followed by a sheep, 2 dogs, and 2 cats....all in a line. (where was my camera???)

GIANT eggs in the yard !!

Eggs are the symbol of Easter....It embodies the idea of a new beginning.......
I love this sculpture it is cherubs with wings hatching from their eggs.

I put eggs EVERYWHERE !!!!!

If there is an empty vessel, its fair game for my attack of the eggs. I think I own every artificial egg in every color. Every year, I just cant resist the new finish, speckles, glass beads, anything in a muted palette and I am sold!!

I found this nest while I was hiding treasure in the trees. and the lonesome blue jay feather had to come home with me too. Of course, the glass covered eggs in a pastel puce green with robins egg blue , well, lets just say I couldnt resist. I think the contrast of all that with the old plastic pieces that this bird chose for construction are fantastic...Even nature recycles.


The Attic Girls said...

Hi Gina,
What a beautiful picture..the cross, the sunrise and your story about your beloved Duma. You are a such a kind & loving person. I hope to meet you one day in person.


GINA's BLOGGATORIUM........... said...

Thank you for your kind words.

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