Thursday, April 2, 2009

Round em up , I am in Round Top Texas

The Bluebells are only out briefly in the spring, and I got to see them for the first time....they are blankets of purple blue in fields that are amazingly everywhere!

Here in Round Top Texas on a normal day there is a whopping population of 77 people, but during flea market season it explodes to over 100,000. It is incredible. Stalls and Tents set up in fields running between one small town to another.

The displays were inspiring and the creative juices were certainly flowing .There were so many beautiful items for sale, I wish I had a semi to drag it all home. The cream on cream trend was still going strong, however, I must say, the rumblings from the customers were , they want color in their world, its beautiful to look at in a display, but add a punch of color....ANY color. To live in a monochromatic world seems soooooo sterile and dare I say it??? okay.....Boring!

Picture an all cream/grey room then pick your favorite color....say it's purple. Fade the color to a pastel, add grey, and "Viola" it becomes a focal point....but remains subtle and can still be a washed out version of color. Especially the folks "like me" who live in a snow covered blanket all winter...I dont want to see the same thing inside, outside, etc etc...

SOOOOoooooo. Here are some inspiring vignettes and fun bits that were in my travels at Market...Enjoy......

Now this is a color !!!

Seashells are all the rage. But you dont have to live near the beach, or live in Florida to add the shells to your decor. You can add shells to urns mixed with other items. A blend of shells, pictures, books, plants and pearls will make a stunning statement on any table. The arrangement takes on an almost baroque still life as if once painted by an old master.

The graphics on this guys jeans are great...wouldn't they make a great pillow?

This must be a Texan Catering Bug

This is a unique use for the top of an old birdcage....Let there be light!

This must be a Texas thing???? Fozen Pickles??? Who Knew????

Why didn't I think of this? This is the top to an old birdbath...what a wonderful centerpiece bowl, you can use it on a picnic table and add stones,plants and candles to make an impact at the next barbie. Or, fill it with straw and gingham checked bandanas wrapped around candles and really go for that summertime picnic theme

This is the canopied road that leads away from this wonderful place, the hospitality, the people and the overall charm of this little town has made me feel right at home and already wanting to come back.......
Bye Y'all.....


good goods & co said...

Gina-I've tried to contact you via your website- I'd love to carry some or your line in my store) but, I've gotten no response. Now I see that you off galavanting around in TX!! Help me to buy from you!!

good goods & co

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I found your blog from another. I'm located in Tx and set up at Zapp Hall antique show each Fall and Spring. Love the pics of this show and see many of my friends things in your pics. I hope you'll stop by. I also love the shop you are creating and the mannequins are awesome! Have a great day, Theresa

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