Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas in Houston

Well the Peacock Flock went to the Nutcracker Market in Houston last weekend, and wow is it a frenzy. If you haven't heard of the Nutcracker Market it is a Holiday Market that benefits the Houston ballet and there are vendors selling everything from carmel apples to tables. We decided to show the line at the market to get the brand recognition out there. It was a tremendous success. We have gotten many phone calls and emails of consumers of the market, looking for a retail store near them for our products. Some people dont understand why we would want to do a "retail" show, but sometimes you have to pay your dues for the cause. Of course we couldnt take the entire line, in fact very little of it, because of the size of the tiny 24 ft booth. But as usual Kelly and I packed and stacked it to give it the PPD vibe. We have so many wholesale customers in Texas, so it was really great to show a representation of the line to the public of Houston. It is always exciting when the end consumer loves the line, and wants to see more. They ultimately are the ones who buy it from the wholesaler and retailer. We did bring items to sell and were very careful to sell them at a retail price as to not in anyway undercut our retailers. It was alot of work beings we are so far away, but because we do not have a flagship store, and dont have a retail outlet at the warehouse, we thought it was a good way to show the idea of the line to the public in person. The customers were so nice, and many had seen our products in magazines etc, but were thankful to see it in person. They would ask where they could find it locally etc. Even though we are midwestern folks, I have to say, ....I DO love texas. We always feel the warmth and genuine charm the people of Texas have. So thank you again for another wonderful experience in the big vast state of Texas. We will be back to Dallas in January and it will be our pleasure to have you stop in to our new showroom on the 5th floor of the World Trade Center. It was terrific to see some of our current customers, and see new faces. So if you would like to see our products in person as well, just send a message and I will be thrilled to send you to a store near you be it in Texas or any other great state !!!
Crowns Crowns Crowns, they look good any time of the year.
Pillows galore
a repurposed fountain from our Garden Store days!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Beautiful Gina, wish I would have known you were there, I would have made plans to come out. Hope you can come and see us at the Red Barn in January!

time worn interiors said...

Oh how fabulous Gina! I love your things!

Anonymous said...

Texas is great,

trash talk said...

Gina...Texas loves you and your products right back! I'd love to get a peek at your showroom in Dallas.
BTW..are you sure you're not from around these parts? You sure act like a Southern girl!!!

Bohemian said...

So beautifully displayed... no wonder it all was such a big hit, you showcase everything so well!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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