Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I can't believe that Halloween is already over, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.
It is time to take down the creepy webs, and skeletons that greet guests at the door, but we get to flip the "witch is in" pumpkins to the other side, to just reveal an orange or white orb with a stem.
It is time to pull all the Autumnal decor out and we get one more month of Fall color before it turns to Winter.
I made a trip to a local consignment shop. You can find the most unusual, quirky, and sometimes tacky stuff usually for a great price at these stores, so I like to pop in whenever I am near one.
This time I found this great little salesmans sample of a brick layers wheelbarrow. I am sure it has some age to it, but I am just not sure how much. None the less, It was a whopping 11 bucks ! (SCORE)
I found some great little white bumpy lumpy gourds mixed in a the local farm I get hay for bedding for the animals at. I just love this for the kitchen island for a festive inexpensive Fall statement.

This is just the tiniest little pumpkin that I ever saw. It is in my daughters hand so it even appears larger than it is.

I had this old basket from our early years at Peacock Park Design.

I just love newspaper shreds. It is getting harder and harder to find a simple shredder. Now they are all "crosscut" which makes tiny confetti. But I like the good old fashion shred. You can usually find a straight shredder at the consignment shop as well. (I did for 10 bucks).

Lumpy Bumpy wonderful gourds. They will last until November.

Great little display. I will probably change it out for the holidays too with some piled greens and small packages.

This is Mike. He and his wife have a farm just down the road not too far from me. I go to buy my straw for all the animal bedding from them. It is always such a nice get a way. The farm has such history, and they are super sweet people.

This is some history on the site. They have a long family history here.

For me, inspiration comes from everything! A worn barn door, a pitted candle, a piece of fabric, or pumpkins and gourds. As much as I HATE the winter......I do like the change of seasons just for a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing.


I have added a fun new link to the blog. If you click below, you can add your image for a "blog hop". I am asking for your favorite picture of your FALL inspiration.You can vote or "like" your favorites. It is a great way to share the inspiration. Give it a try. I cant wait to see what comes up. Please give it a try.


time worn interiors said...

that wheel barrow is awesome! I 'm sure that will make it's way into one of your show room real soon!

Have a great week my friend!


My Grama's Soul said...

I always love stopping by here....that wheel barrow IS awesome.



trash talk said...

Good thing I never upgrade my office equipment. I still have my old shredder...thank goodness.
Can you imagine how heavy that wheelbarrow would have been with bricks? That would be one mighty strong man to push that thing around.
Love the photo of Mike. He looks like he coulda pushed that wheelbarrow back in his day!

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